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Adopt an Athlete

Adopt An Athlete

What is the Adopt-an-Athlete Program?

  • The Adopt an Athlete program is an opportunity for alumni, friends, family and community members to be part of the College of the Rockies Avalanche team. With your generous contribution, we can continue to enhance the profile of Avalanche student-athletes within the college and the community at large.

What are the benefits of being a donor?

  • Your donation is tax deductible as such you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the donated amount. Depending on your gift level; you may be eligible for additional benefits.

How does adopting a College of the Rockies student help?

  • Great varsity programs are built with the help of great supporters. Being a College of the Rockies student athlete requires a significant commitment to both their athletic program and academic courses throughout the year. This level of commitment does not allow much opportunity for part-time work. As a department, College of the Rockies Athletics is committed to offering our student athletes a well rounded experience where they can focus on their academics and athletics. The Adopt-an-Athlete program is one tool that helps relieve the financial burden on our student athletes.

Where does my donation go?

  • Funds raised through the Adopt-an-Athlete program directly benefit the student athletes. The funds will be used for travel to provincial championships, equipment and apparel; all costs that are normally born by the student-athletes.

If you are interested in the Adopt-an-Athlete program, please contact Dylan Thompson, Athletics & Student Life Specialist. (


Online Giving

If you would like to make an online donation to the Avalanche Program, click the link below!